Great Voices in Opera and Song: Volume 02

Favourite songs (2002)
  1. Take a pair of sparkling eyes Webster Booth
  2. Serenade (Student Prince) Lauritz Melchoir
  3. Summertime (Porgy&Bess) Lily Pons
  4. A star fell from heaven Josef Schmidt
  5. Song of the flea Feodor Chaliapin
  6. One day when we were young Richard Tauber 
  7. Nuns Chorus (Casanova) Anni Frind
  8. I’m falling in love with someone (Naughty Marietta )Richard Crooks 
  9. My hero ( Chocolate Soldier) John Charles Thomas
  10. I got plenty of nothing (Porgy & Bess ) Lawrence Tibbett
  11. Vilia (Merry Widow) Gladys Moncrieff 
  12. Beceuse d’ Jocylyn (Angels guard thee) Tino Rossi
  13. Deep River Marion Anderson
  14. Marsalleise George Thill
  15. Gendames duet (Offenbach) Harold Williams Malcolm Mc Eachen
  16. Bird songs at eventide Walter Glynn
  17. Faniculli fanicula Milijis Korjus
  18. The Minstrel Boy Tom Bourke 
  19. Ah sweet mystery of life Jeanette McDonald / Nelson Eddy
  20. In cellar deep Jose Mardones 
  21. Mattinata (Leoncavallo) Beniamino Gigli
  22. Goodbye (Tosti) Rosa Ponselle
  23. L’ombra sepera della luce (Tosti) Tito Schipa
  24. Joe Hill Paul Robson
Produced By Chris Gaffney for Great Voices on 3CR Tues.2-4pm

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