Jazz On a Saturday - Volume 9

  1. Jazz Lips (Lil Hardin) Louis Armstrong And His Hot Five 1926
  2. Astoria Strut (L.collins)JONES And Collins Astoria Hot Eight 1929
  3. Pepper Steak (J Shine And S Fried) Washboard Rhythm Kings 1931
  4. Blues In Thirds (Earl Hines) Sydney Bechet And Earl Hines 1940
  5. Truckin' (Y Kochler And H Arien) Fats Waller 1940
  6. Me,Myself And I (Gordon, Roberts, Kaufman) Billie Holiday 1937
  7. Old Joe's Hittin' The Jug (Palmer, Stride) Stuff Smith 1936
  8. Creole Lullaby (Simeon And Johnson) Omer Simeon Andjames P Johnson 1945
  9. The Pearls (Jelly Roll Morton) Wilbur De Paris And His New Orleans Jazz 1952
  10. I'll Be Ready When The Big Day Comes (Spiritual) Spirits Of Rhythm 1933
  11. Peg O' My Heart (Fisher, Bryant) Miff Mole And His Nicksieland Band 1944
  12. Junior Hop (D Ellington) Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra 1940
  13. Confessin' The Blues (McShann, Brown) Jimmy Witherspoon 1957
  14. Come In Spinner (Barnard) Len Barnard's Jazz Band 1953
  15. If I Had You (Shapiro, Connelly, Campbell) Pee Wee Russell 1954
  16. Ghost Of A Chance (Young, Washington, Crosby) Lester Young's Swing Men 1944
  17. Got Butter On It (Robinson, Smith)JABBO Smith With Ikey Robinson 1929
  18. Breeze (Hanley, McDonald, Goodwin) Wingy Manone And Harlem Hot Shots 1935
  19. Can't Believe You're In Love With Me (Gaskill) Coleman Hawkins1940
  20. Drop Me Off In Harlem (Ellington, Mills) Ian Pearce Sextet 1958
  21. Dallas Blues (Grrett, Wand, Williams) Woody Herman 1939

Each year when I sit down to write these cover notes there is always a great technological leap forward. For instance, this year you have been able to listen to "Jazz On A Saturday" when and where you want to. 3CR now has a radio on demand facility. So, if you wish, you can tune in via a computer, when you want to. I listen most Mondays, as Saturday seems to have got so hectic over recent years. It only seems a few weeks since our last favourites CD, but in fact it is a year.

In the last few years it has become harder to find CD's, but easier to find the music. Many years ago, I told a colleague that you would eventually go into a "record shop" and the shop assistant would dial in to a machine and make you a CD. Well, this has sort of happened, but you do it in the comfort of your own home via a computer. It has changed the whole music industry. What next? At least every Saturday, we go into 3CR with a whole bunch of CD's and present the show live. So, thank you for listening to "Jazz On A Saturday" and supporting jazz.

-- Roger Beilby, John Smyth, Geoff Tobin and John Trudinger, June 2013

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