Kufiya -Palestinian Scarf

We are selling these beautiful Palestinian Kufiyas via click and collect or in person from our studios in Fitzroy. If you would like to order online for postal delivery please purchase directly from kufiyas.org.au 

Pick up: 21 Smith St Fitzroy on Mon - Fri 9-5pm. Please note as per Covid-19 safety regulations only fully vaccinated people are able to enter the station and browse the stock, otherwise simply order here and choose click and collect at the door.

Confirmation: We will send a 'Ready for Pick Up' confirmation email once the stock is confirmed. 


Kufiyas (keffiyehs) are the symbol of Palestinian resistance and their fight for justice. Buying and wearing a kufiya shows support for freedom and justice for all Palestinian people.

A kufiya will keep you warm in the winter and cool in summer. Kufiyas now come in a large range of designs, from the traditional black and white to colourful modern designs.

Kuifyas Australia have been importing kufiyas from the last remaining factory in Palestine since 2015. The sales support the Hirbawi weavery in Hebron and ALL the proceeds are donated to support Palestinian human rights


Current styles below available at the station, depending on stock numbers.

Brown, cumin-yellow and white : a tribute to Alquds / Jerusalem
"Amal" means hope. Amal is also the name of one of our customers, who suggested this combination of colours.
What is a better colour to represent Bethlehem than blue? Blue sky almost all the year, the milk grotto with the blue stones, and the happy people with the warm welcome and open to all cultures. Thinking of Bethlehem, we have designed this Kufiya.
Black and White
The most traditional black and white Kufiya in Palestine. This is the heaviest version, made for export.

Original Hirbawi® Chocolate

 Chocolate brown background and warm happy pattern. Perfect for dark winter days.

Gaza is portrayed in the media as a place of violence, destruction and poverty. For the Palestinians, however, Gaza is known as the colourful city for its nice beaches, spicy food, fisher boats and the hospitality of its people. "Gazza Ard el-Izza" (the glorious city), it is how we call it warmly in Arabic.
Haifa is called "'Arus el-Bahar", the bride of the sea . The Palestinian city at the mediterranean combines beauty and strong character - similar to this Kufiya. 
Mar Elias
Blue pattern on yellow background and light blue frame.
Mar Saba
The pattern colour is black and the background is a mixture of black and yellow yarn, which appears olive green.
Palestinian Flag
This Kufiya is black, red and green on white background. Many wear this Kufiya to symbolise Palestinian unity.  It is also practical, as you can fold it that your favourite colour is highlighted. 
Pure Black
(we like to call it ‘Melbourne’!)
Black pattern on black background. Unisex and very elegant. 
Burgundy traditional pattern on deep black background. Full of life like the city of Ramallah.


Um Suleiman
The design of this Kufiya found inspiration in the red and black beetle (Um Suleiman), which natural beauty left a big influence in Arabic culture. In paintings, and traditional and modern music (e.g. Tic Tic Um Suleiman from Fairuz) and in poetry.
And we honour the beetle with an original Kufiya, made in Palestine. 
White pattern on white background framed with black tassels. Can it get more classy?

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