Nutrition of Sports Turf in Australia by Jerry Spencer

Nutrition of Sports Turf in Australia" shows how to grow a healthy, stress-tolerant turf capable of withstanding high levels of wear. It covers the concepts and principles of plant growth and the function of primary and secondary nutrients, micronutrients, and soil organic matter. The book goes on to show how to choose the correct fertiliser strategies for establishment and post establishment phases for cool, transitional and warm season turf grasses throughout Australia.It contains a comprehensive treatment of all types of fertilisers including compound NPK, slow release liquid, nitrification and urease inhibitors, sulphur coated and polymer coated products. While not endorsing any particular product the book looks at them from an analytical perspective showing how they differ and discusses their various applications in each climatic zone."Nutrition of Sports Turf in Australia" finishes with appendices that contain detailed information on everyday, practical issues that concern turf managers such as how to lower or increase soil pH, conversion factors for elemental to oxide conversions and vice versa.