Private Gardens of the Mediterranean by Jean Mus

This volume offers rare access into the most beautiful and unique gardens in the Mediterranean region designed by renowned landscape architect Jean Mus. From lush coastal estates or peaceful countryside havens to green oases amid the hustle and bustle of the city, celebrated landscape architect Jean Mus’s lavish gardens whether perched above the sea or nestling in the heart of a town are always perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment and incorporate a rich spectrum of Mediterranean influences, including pottery, slate walkways, sleek water channels, and regional flora. 

Taking readers on an exclusive tour of the world’s most spectacular private Mediterranean gardens that have made Jean Mus’s name, this work guides us through the South of France into Greece and Portugal, divulging the stories behind his creations and sharing technical and reflective anecdotes from the designer himself. Accompanied by stunning photographs by the late Vincent Motte, this book offers inspiration to gardeners, landscape artists, and lovers of the Mediterranean region alike. 

About the Author

Jean Mus is an acclaimed landscape architect who has created numerous magnificent gardens in the South of France over the last thirty years. 

Dane McDowell, former editor in chief of Residences Decoration, has regularly contributed to Figaro Magazine and Connaissance des Arts. She has published several books, including Living in Provence, Interior Splendor by Pierre-Yves Rochon, and Alberto Pinto: Table Settings. 

Vincent Motte was a photographer who lived in Provence for twenty years. His photographs have appeared in many books, including Gardens in Provence and Gardens of the French Riviera, both published by Flammarion.