Starting a Nursery or Herb Farm by John Mason

Newly revised and expanded, this book covers a range of concerns for those gardeners who want to start up their own nursery or commercial herb garden.

Full of illustrations and propagation tables, "Starting a Nursery or Herb Farm" covers the basics of horticultural management, propagating techniques and structures, plant care, and production of herbs. Each chapter is structured for ease of use, reflecting the most recent changes in horticultural practice and botanical classification.

A new chapter details the necessary steps to set up a commercial herb farm, from capital and land requirements to distribution of products. There are also sections covering the history of nurseries, as well as profiles of successful businesses to help motivate readers to start up their own businesses.

Included in the book is a directory of suppliers for seed and equipment, as well as an information guide to horticultural courses.
-- Turn your "green thumb into a profitable venture with this informative guide on operating a nursery or commercial herb farm!