The Gardeners Book of Days by Holly Kerr Forsyth

The Gardeners' Book of Days brings together gardening tips, historical gardeners, plant information, and the world's most loved gardens, organised into daily readings for the whole year. It covers propagation of hellebores, how to make a tussie mussie, the best time of year to visit the gardens of Capri and where to find a Jacaranda Queen. Holly Kerr Forsyth has travelled the world and its gardens and in this ""Gardeners' Book of Days"" she offers some of the advice and information she has garnered along the way. Australian gardens and gardening festivals are discussed, as well as those found further afield. There is seasonal advice for vegetable and flower growers, recipes using garden produce and many other garden- and plant-related tidbits. Illustrated throughout with Holly's beautiful photographs, this book is a perfect companion to the gardening year. Offering unusual and timely snippets of information and advice, this book is a celebration of all things to do with gardening, and will be welcomed by gardeners and garden lovers alike.